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Invest with Nutmeg and you could be flying as far as Sydney with your bonus Avios*. You'll receive 1 Avios for every £1 you invest.

With investment, your capital is at risk.
*See terms and conditions

How to set up
Invest with Nutmeg in under ten minutes

Get a Nutmeg account from the comfort of your home. No paperwork. No clutter.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

Choose your goal, timeframe and an amount you’d like to invest. Select a risk level you’re comfortable with and how you’d like us to manage your money.

Choose a portfolio

We’ll show you a projection of the potential returns you might get. You can also see examples of the kind of investments we might use to build your portfolio and their historical returns.

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Once we've got all your details, and you've selected your risk level, simply create your account. Then pay in online and we’ll take care of the rest.

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With investment, your capital is at risk.

How to get started

Find your adventure.
Find your wild.

To join Nutmeg and qualify for the special offer, make sure you start your sign up journey by providing your Avios Travel Rewards Programme or British Airways Executive Club membership number at the top of the page.

We will then take you to our regular sign-up process where you start by entering how much you’d like to invest and the level of risk you’d like to take. You can adjust these settings in our portfolio tool until you’re happy to proceed.

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Total transparency

You can see an online, jargon-free overview of your investments whenever you like, so you’ll always know exactly how they’re performing and how much you’re paying. Learn more about our fees
If you ever have questions, our friendly team of customer support experts are here to help. Get in touch via built-in secure Nutmail, live chat, or phone to talk to a real person.
With an ISA you don’t pay any Capital Gains Tax on returns from your annual £20,000 allowance, and Pensions are the most tax efficient way to save for your retirement. We also make it easy for you to transfer in old pensions and ISAs so you can have all your investments in one place.
The more you save into your Nutmeg account — whether it be into your ISAs, Nutmeg pension or regular investment portfolio — the lower your fee rate.
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About Avios

Avios is the smart way to turn your everyday spending into extraordinary time out. Every time you buy groceries, fill up the car, book a flight, or shop online you could be collecting Avios to use towards flights, cabin upgrades, car hire or hotels.

You can collect Avios through the Avios Travel Rewards Programme or the British Airways Executive Club. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios Terms and Conditions.

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How much does it cost?

Choose an investment style to see how much you'd pay

If you invest


Your Nutmeg fee will be


Additional costs of investing

  • Average investment fund costs of 0.21% per annum, paid to fund providers
  • Average effect of market spread of 0.09% per annum

Understanding the costs of investing

Setup and exit fees


Standard withdrawals and account closures are free. If you need an in-specie transfer out, it’s £20

Transaction fees


Trading fees


Investing with Nutmeg

Smart investing for everyone.

Open an account with a £5,000 lump sum, or £500 and a £100 monthly contribution. Our team will build you a high-quality, diversified investment portfolio so all your eggs aren't in one basket.

You don’t have to be a stock market expert to have an investment portfolio. You just have to know your financial situation, risk tolerance and how much you want to invest. We do the rest.

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Smarter returns


Globally diversified, regularly rebalanced

A globally diversified portfolio that’s regularly rebalanced can boost your returns while spreading your risk.


Lower management fees

Low fees make a big difference over time. You could save 0.5% per year over the typical wealth manager.


Expert professional management

We won't go chasing hot stocks or market fads. Instead, we'll choose sensible strategies suited for the long-term.

As featured in

London Evening Standard
The Telegraph
The Wall Street Journal
The Financial Times
City A.M.

Avios promotion terms and conditions

  1. This offer is applicable to new customers only. New customers are defined as those who have not previously invested with Nutmeg.
  2. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other new customer promotion or offer.
  3. Only one Avios promotion reward per new customer.
  4. In order to validate this offer, the new customer must open a Nutmeg stocks and shares ISA, general investment account or pension and must also:
    • — Begin the sign-up process on and provide a valid Avios Travel Rewards Programme (ATRP) or British Airways Executive Club membership number. To join the Avios Loyalty programme (or frequent flyer programme) go to To join the British Airways Executive Club go to
    • — Create and fund a Nutmeg account with the standard minimum opening deposit of £500, as well as committing to £100 monthly contribution, or make an initial contribution of £5,000. Pensions require a minimum initial contribution of £5,000. These contributions need to be in their account after 00:01 on 12th March and before 23:59 on 8th April 2018 to collect one Avios for each pound invested.
  5. Nutmeg Lifetime ISAs are excluded from this promotion.
  6. Avios awarded will be capped at a maximum 80,000 Avios for £80,000 invested.
  7. Avios awarded will be calculated on the total contribution made between 12th March and 8th April 2018 to the new customer’s Nutmeg account.
  8. If a customer makes a withdrawal within 18 months of opening their account, Nutmeg reserves the right to withdraw the following amounts from the closing funds:

  9. Initial invested amount Deduction
    Up to £5,000 £50
    Up to £10,000 £100
    Up to £15,000 £150
    Up to £20,000 £200
    Up to £25,000 £250
    Up to £30,000 £300
    Up to £35,000 £350
    Up to £40,000 £400
    Up to £45,000 £450
    Up to £50,000 £500
    Up to £55,000 £550
    Up to £60,000 £600
    Up to £65,000 £650
    Up to £70,000 £700
    Up to £75,000 £750
    Up to £80,000 and over £800

  10. Avios may take up to 45 days to reach your ATRP or British Airways Executive Club account from when the initial contribution is received by Nutmeg.
  11. Terms and conditions apply to Avios redemptions. Reward Flights bookings are subject to availability, which may be limited or not available on some routes at certain times (especially during peak travel periods). Taxes, fees and carrier charges are payable in cash. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios terms and conditions, for full details visit
  12. Nutmeg is the sole arbiter of these rules, excluding the redemption of Avios rewards which are liable to Avios terms and conditions.
  13. If gaming of the offer is found, Nutmeg reserves the right to cancel this promotion and remove any other promotions from the customer’s account.
  14. An invitation to participate in this offer does not provide assurance that you will be accepted as a customer of Nutmeg.
  15. Our standard terms relating to your use of Nutmeg and your account apply and are not affected in any way by this offer.
  16. This offer is subject to change and Nutmeg reserves the right to withdraw this offer after 1,000 customers have been subscribed to the offer, or due to unexpected operational constraints which negatively impact the Nutmeg customer experience.

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