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Stocks & shares ISA returns

The projections are based on estimated long-term average returns for a portfolio of equities and government bonds, in different percentages depending on the risk level, using historic volatility of each asset class since 1986. We have assumed a 1.0% annual management fee, which has been deducted from the projections shown. We also assume income is re-invested. For more information read our article on How we forecast potential investment returns.

Cash ISA returns

Nutmeg calculations based on data from Bank of England, Bloomberg as at 20/2/15. Money market rates have been used to estimate future interest rates at monthly and yearly intervals up to 10 years ahead. ISA rates are calculated monthly based on the historic premium of ISA deposit rates (excluding unconditional bonuses) over a money market rate. Lower and higher bands are estimated as a rate 0.75% below and above the expected rate in year two and 1% thereafter. Rates beyond ten years are assumed to equal the ten year rate.