Transferring the value of existing investments into an ISA

When moving money into your ISA any gains or losses made up to this point will be crystallized for tax purposes during the move. This may create a capital gains tax liability. However, this is not different from what can happen when we rebalance and adjust portfolios each month outside of an ISA.

The value that we subscribe to your ISA may differ from the original amount you contributed to Nutmeg due to market movements while the money was invested. For example, if you invested £10,000 and your investments are now worth £10,450, then, we would subscribe the full £10,450 to your ISA as long as it was below the limit you set.

You may have accrued dividends from the investments in the taxable portion of your account which will arrive after the transfer to your ISA takes place. If space remains within your ISA limit in the relevant tax year we will automatically subscribe those dividends into your new ISA. You will however, still be subject to income tax on those dividends as they were accrued in the taxable portion of your Nutmeg account.