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Compare how investing your money in a stocks and shares ISA could give you a greater return, subject to greater risks, than an interest-paying cash ISA over the long-term.

If you invest


for 20 years

High street
bank cash ISA

Estimated interest rates

Expected value

Cash deposits are generally protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £75,000. Check with your provider.

stocks & shares

Based on a

Expected value

Your capital is at risk as the value of your investment may fall as well as rise.

ISA rules apply. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Projected returns are based on past data under conditions of normal variability which may not remain the same in the future. View sources

Why should you invest?

Beat inflation

As the cost of living rises, your money will be worth less, so savings have to do better than inflation in order to grow in real terms.

Long term goals

If you can invest for the long term, your money has a better chance of riding out short term volatility and earning returns. In fact, if you invest for 10 years, you have a 99.4% chance of making gains.


By reinvesting your returns, you’ll have compounding on your side. Learn about the power of compound returns.

Inflation graph

Inflation measure used is the retail price index up to 1989 and the consumer price index (CPI) thereafter. Portfolio returns are calculated as a mix of UK gilts (50%), UK equities (35%) and International equities (15%) in sterling terms.

Finally. An ISA that makes sense.

Take the stress out of an ISA with Nutmeg's easy to use intelligent personal portfolio. Set up an ISA online in minutes or transfer your old ISA over to Nutmeg today.

So why choose Nutmeg?

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High quality,
low cost

Diversified portfolios that spread risk across asset classes, geographies and industries, while keeping costs in check.

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Our experienced investment team constantly monitors and rebalances your portfolio to keep it on track, so you don’t have to.

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Strong investment
portfolio performance

We make it easy for you to compare us to other wealth managers by publishing our performance on our website.

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Best Online Stocks & Shares ISA provider 2016 and 2015, Your Money Awards. Best Wealth Management Platform.

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