How we stay in tune with our customers year-in, year-out

Martin Stead

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There’s a little-known tradition that’s evolved at Nutmeg and it exemplifies one of my favourite things about our business. At the end of every tax year, trained Nutmeggers from across the business give their time to help our specialist customer support team get your contributions safely into tax-free ISAs, LISAs and pensions.


Like all good traditions, this one evolved naturally. It started out back in Nutmeg’s early days as a matter of necessity. It was just a handful of people, so we needed all hands on deck as we saw unprecedented demand for our service.

These days our fully trained, in-house customer support function is 10 times the size.

The fact that so many Nutmeggers still volunteer (often starting their shift at the end of their normal working day) is a testament to the culture of mutual support we’ve nurtured across the business. It’s just one of the ways Nutmeggers at all levels stay close to what customers are thinking and feeling.

We’ve recently brought in our first ever chief customer officer, Lisa Rodwell, to formalise a customer-centric culture that’s always been a hallmark of the way we operate. Lisa works closely with our head of customer support, Gemma Daulby, to identify and analyse the trends in contact we receive. Lisa then champions improvements across the business, making sure the customer voice is heard loud and clear when we’re developing our products and service.

My role is to help keep that culture alive. And I have to say, it’s something that Nutmeggers are naturally very passionate about, which certainly makes my job easier!

We’re here for you

Even though I somehow manage to forget my password for our customer support system every year without fail, helping out is one of my favourite things to do. In fact, this year I’ll even be volunteering for the final ‘midnight’ shift on Friday 5th April, so if you spot ‘Martin’ speaking to you on live chat please say hello!

We’ve been careful to make sure Nutmeg has a very flat structure, so I never feel a million miles away from our customers, but seeing and hearing from you gives me even more focus on the task at hand – building a digital wealth manager that gives everyone the chance to feel like they’ve got access to a private banker.

So, if you’re picking up the phone or sending us a message, you could be speaking to one of our customer support stars or one of the executive team. But whoever it may be, you can be certain they’re listening attentively to make sure you get exactly what you need.

How to contact us

Send us a secure Nutmail message from within your Nutmeg dashboard, send us an email, start a live chat from the top-right of our homepage or call us on 020 3598 1515.

Risk warning

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Nutmeg can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.
Martin Stead
Martin, our chief executive officer, joined Nutmeg in 2015 and has overseen a period of rapid growth. Like many Nutmeggers, Martin brings a diversity of experience from different industries, which Nutmeg leverages to bring fresh thinking to wealth management, for the good of our customers. Martin was a member of the Lord Mayor’s Trust Advisory Group in 2018 and has been named two years running in the FT's Top 100 global LGBT+ Executive list.

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