Introducing our new TV campaign

Nick Hungerford

Here at Nutmeg, we’re all about making smart investing available to everyone. Now we’re bringing our message to even more people across the UK with our new TV campaign “Just Nutmeg it”.

Working with AMV BBDO, London’s largest advertising agency, and Not To Scale, film and animation production company, we designed the campaign to highlight just how easy it is to climb the investment ladder.

We took the inspiration for our new campaign from internet cult classic ‘Xtranormal’ videos, featuring the ‘Paws’ characters (remember these guys?) We loved them for their clear and simple way of explaining complex topics.

Teaming up with Nawmal, the owners of the original software, we developed our own bespoke characters – Nut and Meg. You might already have seen them across London’s tube network.

Nut and meg - before after

Image: Nut and Meg – initial sketch and final design

About the characters

Nut on white Nut represents everything that used to be difficult about investing. He’s in his suit, clutching his financial newspaper. He’s stressed and he doesn’t get much sleep because he’s always watching the markets and worrying about when to buy and sell.
Meg on white Meg, on the other hand, invests the smart way with Nutmeg. She doesn’t have to worry, because she knows we’ve got it all under control. She can invest whenever she likes, right from her phone. Meg represents simplicity, and accessibility – just Nutmeg it.

What started off with a small idea has evolved into the full campaign you can see today. Our Chief Revenue Officer, Martin Stead, spoke about his vision for the new launch:

“The creative inspiration for our first TV ad campaign was driven by our desire to showcase Nutmeg as the smart new way to invest. In an industry that is renowned for being complex, expensive, opaque and intimidating, we are very different, and our stand-out advertising style demonstrates this.

“Our ad campaign portrays our award-winning investment proposition,” said Stead, “which is all about making high-quality investing easy, personalised and accessible to anyone with as little as £1,000 to invest. Quite simply, Nutmeg stands for no nonsense investing.”

The full ad is available to view on our YouTube channel – you can check it out below.

Competition: What will Nut and Meg talk about next?

Is there anything that you’d like to see Nut and Meg explain? Send us your scripts for a quick conversation – whether it’s a finance topic or just a bit of fun.

We’ll get the best ones made into videos, and if your video gets the most unique views by 30th April 2016, you’ll win 12 months free portfolio management. Terms and conditions apply.

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk. ISA rules apply

Nick Hungerford

Nick Hungerford

Nick is founder and Director of Nutmeg. He holds an MBA from Stanford University. His industry and investment views are respected globally and he frequently appears on television and in the national media. Nick can be found tweeting @NickHungerford.

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