Meet The Nutmegs: Chika Matsumoto, Investment Analyst

Claire Barron

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Meet The Nutmegs #4

In our #4 instalment of Meet The Nutmegs we meet someone who spends her days pouring over numbers and her evenings tapping her foot to the beat of the double bass she plays.

Let’s meet another woman who pushes the boundaries on what’s expected of her.

Meet the Nutmegs - Chika Front

Chika Matsumoto – Investment Analyst

Q: Investment analyst, how did that happen?

Well, I suppose becoming an Investment Analyst could be seen as punctuation marks in a story of love…

I did a Business Studies and IT degree in my home country of Japan and started a career in banking in Singapore. 2008 came around, and the Lehman Crisis hit, although it didn’t directly affect my job, it made me question what I wanted to do. It was time to learn again.

I started a masters in Finance, and got a job at a hedge fund. This is where the love story comes in.

Through friends I met my future husband, although at the time I didn’t know it! We were both working on our careers, and he moved to Sydney with work, and although he asked me to join him I still had a career to forge in Singapore. We kept in touch and he then moved to London, and again asked me to join him. This time I thought why not, let’s see what Europe has to offer!

Once in London I joined an Activist Fund where I learnt so much. It was so different to anything I’d ever done before; time frames; formalities; the team. London felt like a rich and cosmopolitan city which I could make my home. And I did, as well as marry my husband!

Q: Why Nutmeg?

I had always worked in a traditional Asset Manager, and there were conversations about possible competition from a new type of wealth manager, Nutmeg.

I then did some more research in to Nutmeg and was impressed with the alternatives. I then kept them in mind, and happened to see a job advert on LinkedIn. I applied and had an interview. I had some in-depth questions about strategy and the way the assets were diversified. I liked the responses and thought Nutmeg is for me.

This might sound a bit cringe-worthy now, but I actually said in the interview ‘I think Nutmeg is the future of asset management’ – global multi-asset allocation, the low cost to clients, and the technology.

Q: We know you’re an Investment Analyst, but what does that mean day to day?

I’m a piece to the puzzle that gives well researched, and informed information to the fund managers. The areas I mainly concentrate on are research around macro economy – mainly of China and Japan; country & sector valuation; and quantitative areas.

Q: What keeps you smiling at work?

I love having new ideas, and when I come up with new ideas or new ways to do things, I get excited. The fact that I can be creative in my work is really rewarding.

Q: What are you saving for?

My pension, and for a dream home in Provence!

Q: You obviously know a lot about investing, BUT do you have investments with Nutmeg?

Of course – you can’t be passionate about something you don’t invest in!

Q: When you’re not at Nutmeg, what keeps you busy?

My job is completely different to my social life – I like the variety and difference. I love art and music. I love classical music and jazz. I play the flute and the double bass, and I play in an orchestra as well as a couple of bands and ensembles.

When I’m not playing some type of music, I like to paint. I paint in both watercolour and oil. Painting gives me time to just reflect.

When I have time I try to get to ballet sessions. All in all I keep quite busy outside of work.

Q:  If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Carpe diem.

Q: And what next?

I want to be kept motivated and be creative – in both my job, and socially. Oh and if I have time, I hope to start playing the cello, finally!

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Claire Barron
Claire is brand and marketing executive at Nutmeg and a regular contributor to Nutmegonomics.

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