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We’ve produced a few handy tools to help you understand the kind of returns you could get from different types of investment products – ISAs, pensions and general portfolios – and how much you might need to put aside now to enjoy a good pension income later on.

Pension calculator

How much do you need to be saving each month to afford the lifestyle you’d like in retirement? Our quick and easy calculator will tell you exactly that. Just enter your desired annual income in retirement, how much you’ve already got saved and your ideal retirement age. We’ll do the sums and tell you what you might be able to expect at retirement.

Pension Calculator

See what you need to save now for a comfortable retirement:

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ISA calculator

Our simple ISA calculator shows you the returns you might get from three different stocks and shares portfolios (low risk, medium risk and high risk) compared to expected returns on a cash ISA. If you’re looking for a better return than you can currently get in the bank, why not give our calculator a go?

ISA calc

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Investment forecaster

Tell us your investment timeframe, how much you’d like to invest and your tolerance for risk – we’ll do the rest and tell you whether you’ll be on track to achieve your goal. (tip: investing works better if you do it over a long time. 3-5 years as a minimum, but ideally 10 years or longer.)

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portfolio forecaster

All of these tools and calculators can give you some idea of what you might be able to expect from investing in the stock market, but please do remember, they’re just projections based on the figures you put in and aren’t guaranteed.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that investing is for the long-term. Markets do move up and down, but have always performed better when over a long timeframe, so it’s really important to hold your nerve and avoid keep a long-term view.

Risk warning

With investment, your capital is at risk. ISA and pension rules apply.


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