Your 2016 savings promise

Kayla Kerr

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Whether you’re just starting out or saving for your next goal, saving money is a great New Year’s resolution. Make 2016 the year you meet your savings goals

2016 savings challenge

Here at Nutmeg, we’re here to offer you a little help in reaching your goal. Fill in the form below to make your personal savings promise, and we’ll send you handy hints and tips, as well as any special offers we might have to help you out.

Top tip: make sure you share your savings promise with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter (or tell them in person if you’re old school like that!). You’ve got a much better chance of succeeding if other people know what you’re trying to achieve, plus you’ll have lots of support to help you reach your goal.

Ever wondered what could happen if you managed to save your maximum ISA allowance every year?

Make your 2016 savings promise 

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Kayla Kerr
Kayla Kerr writes on a variety of financial and lifestyle topics for Nutmegonomics. Kayla can be found on twitter @kaylasiobhan.

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