ISA and Pension cashback transfer offer 2019 – Transfer £10,000 and get £100 back*

The Offer

*Transfer an ISA and/or a Pension to Nutmeg and for every £10,000 you invest you can get £100 back ("Investment Boost"), up to a maximum cashback of £1,000.


  1. This offer is open to existing customers and new customers who wish to transfer an existing ISA or pension from another provider to Nutmeg. Existing customers are individuals who are Nutmeg Saving & Investment Limited ("Nutmeg") customers that have opened an account before the 5th April 2019. New customers have not invested with, or used the services of, Nutmeg Saving and Investment Limited ("Nutmeg") before.
  2. This offer will:
    1. open for acceptance on 15th March 2019; and
    2. close at 23:59 on 14th April 2019 (the period between 2(a) and (b) is the Offer Period).
  3. This offer cannot be claimed:
    1. in conjunction with any other Nutmeg offer, or promotion; or
    2. to transfer an existing ISA or Lifetime ISA into a Nutmeg Lifetime ISA; or
    3. to transfer a defined benefit pension scheme into a Nutmeg Pension; or
    4. to transfer any eligible product into a Nutmeg 100%-cash pot.
    5. if the Fixed Allocation management style is selected for the investment.

Accepting the offer

  1. To accept Nutmeg’s offer, and receive the Investment Boost you must do each of the following things during the Offer Period:
    1. Ensure the transfer(s) you wish to initiate meets the minimum threshold of £10,000. If you complete multiple transfers, the cumulative value of the transfers will count towards the minimum threshold; and
    2. complete the product transfer request via the link(s) provided in the promotional email received.

When and how the Investment Boost will be paid

  1. The Investment Boost will be paid to your account within six (6) months of the product transfer request being completed. If the product transfer requires more than six (6) months to be completed, the Investment Boost will be paid to your account upon the transfer completion.
  2. You agree not to transfer or withdraw any part of your investment to another provider (excluding the investment boost) within twelve (12) months ("Lock-In Period") of the transferred funds first being traded ("First Traded Date").
  3. Nutmeg reserves the right to deduct the Investment Boost from your account if you transfer or withdraw any part of your investment within the Lock-In Period.
  4. In every case:
    1. If you have an active ISA with available ISA allowance, the Investment Boost will be paid into your ISA, using up part of your ISA allowance; and will be traded in the next of our bi-weekly investment cycles;
    2. Otherwise, the Investment Boost will be paid into your General Investment Account and traded in the next investment cycle;
    3. If you only have a Nutmeg pension, or you have more than one pot, the Investment Boost will be left in 'un-allocated cash' and you will be notified that you have cash waiting for allocation. You can then choose which fund to allocate this cash to.
  5. Nutmeg reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice in cases of suspected abuse, fraud or violation of its rules.

Nutmeg’s Standard Terms and Conditions, and the additional terms applicable to this offer

  1. This offer, the ISA, GIA and Nutmeg Pension, and transfers and withdrawals, are subject to, and governed by, Nutmeg’s Standard Terms and Conditions and the general law. If there is a conflict between (a) the terms of this offer; and (b) Nutmeg’s Standard Terms and Conditions and the general law, the latter will prevail.
  2. Nutmeg charges management and other fees. The details are available here.
  3. Nutmeg reserves the right to change, terminate or withdraw this offer without prior notice due to unexpected operational constraints.

Nutmeg Saving and Investment Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, whose address is 12 Endeavour Square, London E20 1JN, registration number is 552016. Nutmeg is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. There is more information about this in our Standard Terms and Conditions.