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If you're looking to find out more about what we can do for you, you've come to the right place. Chances are, you've got a goal in mind. Even if that goal is simply to start investing. We're here to explain why we think we're the best people to help you get there.

The key word here is 'people'.

We use clever technology to do what we do, but it'd be nothing without the experts behind the scenes.

Who'd be looking after your money?

Shaun Port

Chief Investment Officer

Shaun joined in 2012 and has 26 years’ experience in investing across equities, fixed income, commodities and property. He regularly discusses markets, business and consumer affairs on the BBC, Sky News and Bloomberg.

Brad Holland

Director of Investment Strategy

Brad joined Nutmeg in 2013, with 28 years’ experience in macroeconomics and investment strategy from roles within Reserve Bank of Australia, JP Morgan, Paribas & F&C.

Yang Yang

Investment analyst, performance and risk

Yang joined Nutmeg in 2017. He is passionate about quantitative analysis and optimisation. Yang holds a PhD degree in Power Systems Economics from Imperial College London.

James McManus

Investment Manager, Head of ETF research

An exchange-traded funds expert, James joined Nutmeg in 2015 from Coutts & Co. James has helped manage the wealth of successful entrepreneurs, sports and film stars, business executives and royal families.

Pacome Breton

Investment Manager, Head of Risk

A quantitative finance expert, Pacome joined Nutmeg in 2017 with previous experience in asset allocation and risk management for Société Générale, Pioneer Investments and a family office.

Rumi Mahmood

Investment Analyst, Funds

Rumi joined Nutmeg in early 2017 from the Bank of New York Mellon, where he was an analyst in Global Securities Operations.

Alex Longton

Portfolio manager

Alex joined Nutmeg in 2013 from Coutts & Co, where he was a portfolio manager for high net worth investors. He holds a degree in Business and Management with French from the University of Exeter.

Everyone in our investment team left the traditional industry behind because they knew there had to be a better way.

It's not like you'll never hear from them, either. You'll get these monthly updates straight into your inbox, showing where your money is and what it's doing, from our chief investment officer. Here's the latest:

Monthly investor update

We think investing should be a clear and straight-forward experience for you, so we always stick to these principles.

Low cost

A greater proportion of your returns to keep

Globally diversified

Your money, spread out to give you the best chance of long-term gains

Expert investing

An investment team with more than 100 years' combined experience, serving you

Simple & beautiful

We set out to make investing more accessible, and we're constantly improving our service

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With investment, your capital is at risk

Four products, unlimited pots

Chances are, you've got a goal in mind. Even if that goal is simply to start investing. We're here to explain why we think we're the best people to help you get there.


A tax-efficient, straight-forward way to get your money in the markets.

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General investment account

For when you've maxed your ISA limit, but still have money to invest.

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Lifetime ISA

Take advantage of a 25% government top-up towards your first home or retirement.

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A personal pension that puts you in control. Plot your way to the retirement you want, when you want.

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We've had time to build a huge online library of information to help you get to terms with investing and how we do it, but if you have any other questions, our customer services team are a really friendly bunch.

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With investment, your capital is at risk