Fixed allocation portfolios

Low cost, diversified portfolios with automated rebalancing

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With investment, your capital is at risk

Sophisticated investing

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Global, multi-asset portfolios crafted by our experienced team.

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Fully-automated rebalancing and dividend reinvestment.

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Low cost

Nutmeg management fee of 0.45% up to £100k and 0.25% thereafter

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Remember, with investment your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio could go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

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Portfolio breakdown and investments

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All holdings are ETFs that meet European regulatory standards (UCITS).

Includes holdings in

  • Large and medium-sized companies across all developed and emerging countries

  • Fast-growing small companies in the US, Europe, Japan, and emerging markets

  • Government bonds in the UK with a wide range of maturities

  • Corporate bonds issued by a wide variety of UK and international companies in sterling, and high-yielding corporate bonds issued in the US

  • Higher yielding bonds issued by governments from developing countries

And exposure to

  • Stock markets across 46 countries in the developed and developing markets covering 99.8% of the world's market

  • Best in class ETFs across all providers

  • Up to 10,000 individual underlying securities

  • A balance between sterling and foreign currencies to help mitigate risk.

  • Fixed income securities from up to 92 countries

With investment, your capital is at risk

Our fixed allocation portfolios don't try to beat the market but through diversification and low fees aim to maximise returns and lower risk. Explore below how these portfolios would have performed over the last 20 years using simulated percentage returns. Trading costs, underlying fund costs, and a management fee of 0.45% have been included.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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Cautious Steady Balanced Growth Adventurous
Balanced Aims for moderate growth without extreme volatility

Best 12 months Worst 12 months

Annual returns

Annualised Returns


How we compare

Typical do-it-yourself platform Nutmeg fixed allocation portfolio
Get started in 10 minutes or less
Automatic rebalancing
Automatic dividend reinvestment
Professionally designed
asset allocation
Best in class fund selection
Management fees Avg. 0.35% platform fee 0.45% up to £100K0.25% thereafter

There are other costs associated with investing, find out more about Investing costs and charges

Source: For fees, Nutmeg-commissioned study by Lang Cat, May 2016.

How we maximise the power of ETFs

High quality funds

Exchange-traded funds are very popular tools used by a wide range of investors, from institutional investors and hedge funds to pension schemes and private clients. There are over 1800 ETFs listed for sale in the UK, from 24 different providers. For each asset class in our portfolios, we select the fund we believe offers the best mix of performance, quality and value for money and upgrade them when a better one becomes available. This process has brought the average fund cost of our fully managed portfolios from 0.27% to just 0.19% annually over the past three years. Our fixed allocation portfolios have a lower average of 0.17% for the fund costs.

Fractional shares

This means that every £1 is put to work as efficiently as £10,000 would be, with each dividend received reinvested across your whole portfolio. Other providers trade ETFs in lots of one share, which with some ETFs costing well above £100 per share makes building a diversified portfolio difficult, even with large portfolios. Our systems, on the other hand, can hold a small fraction of one share, effectively owning pennies in any ETF, which makes global diversification effective at any portfolio size.

Lower prices

Typically, our in-house dealing team is able to buy investments at a price 0.08% lower or sell at 0.08% higher* than the market price. We make this happen in a few ways: 1) Rather than dealing on the London Stock Exchange, we deal directly with specialist ETF 'market makers' across Europe to get the best possible prices, and 2) we match deals between clients selling and clients buying to reduce trading further. These improvements add up over time: we saved our customers over £1,000,000 in 2016 alone.**

* Based on all trades conducted in 2016, this is the difference between the market quoted price at the exact time of the trade and the price we obtained.
** Based on the cumulative effect of this difference across all trades conducted in 2016.

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