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With investment, your capital is at risk.

Why get a Nutmeg GIA
See the benefits of a Nutmeg general investment account

Everything’s online, so you can manage your account whenever you want, wherever you want, with our award-winning user interface.

What is Nutmeg

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Investment portfolios

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    Easy setup
    You can start an account online in just 10 minutes.

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    Value for money
    We invest only in high-quality, low-cost exchange traded funds.

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    Put your money to work
    Investing can be a great way to grow your wealth.

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    Total flexibility
    Withdraw at any time.

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    No hidden fees
    You’ll always know exactly how much you are paying.

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    We’re here for you
    If you ever have a question our support team are available by phone, web chat or email.

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. A general investment account may not be right for everyone and tax rules may change in the future. If you are unsure if this is the right choice for you, please seek independent financial advice.

What we invest in

We believe long-term, intelligent asset allocation is a far better investment approach than trying to pick a single company that may outperform its competitors. Our expert investment team use a broad range of assets to build sophisticated, globally-diversified portfolios.

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Portfolio breakdown and investments

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All holdings are ETFs that meet European regulatory standards (UCITS).

How we buy these assets for you

Once we've determined which assets should go into a portfolio, and in what proportions, we look to invest in them in the most efficient way possible. We generally prefer to use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) because they’re easy to trade, low cost and aim to track the movement of market indices with a high degree of accuracy.

About ETFs

ETFs hold investment assets — like stocks and bonds — and they are widely traded on many stock exchanges. They usually track an index, like the FTSE 100, or the Dow Jones.

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With investment, your capital is at risk

Smarter returns


Globally diversified, regularly rebalanced

A globally diversified portfolio that’s regularly rebalanced can boost your returns while spreading your risk.


Lower fees

Low fees make a big difference over time. You could save 0.5% per year over the typical wealth manager.


Expert professional management

We won't go chasing hot stocks or market fads. Instead, we'll choose sensible strategies suited for the long-term.

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With investment, your capital is at risk.

Fully managed portfolios

An intelligent portfolio built and fully-managed by our experienced investment team.

Fee: 0.75% up to 100k, 0.35% after that.

Perfect if you:

Tick Want the peace of mind that your portfolio is being managed by our experienced team.

Tick Want a team of experts working hard to seek opportunities to improve returns and reduce risk, all for a low fee.

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Fixed allocation portfolios

An intelligent, packaged portfolio crafted by our team but with no ongoing strategic intervention.

Fee: 0.45% up to 100k, 0.25% after that.

Perfect if you:

Tick Are looking for the greatest diversification at the lowest cost.

Tick Are comfortable holding your investments through the ups and downs of the global markets, without our intervention.

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Remember, with investment your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio could go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

How much does it cost?


Investment amount



Your annual Nutmeg fee will be 0.75%, which is about


Avg. investment fund cost


Setup/exit fees


Transaction fees


Trading fees

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With investment, your capital is at risk.

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General investing FAQ
Find out more about general investing and Nutmeg

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Nutmeg products and services
More ways to invest with Nutmeg

Stocks & Shares ISA

  • Start from £500 with £100/mo

All the benefits of a General account, plus tax-free returns on up to £20,000 of contributions each year.

Stocks & shares Lifetime ISA

  • Start from £100

Take advantage of the 25% government bonus when saving towards your first home or retirement.

Personal pension

  • Start from £5,000

An easy to use personal pension with instant 25% government top-up on regular personal net contributions.


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