Socially responsible

Align your financial goals with your values.

Socially responsible investments aim to help you to achieve your goals while focussing on the environment, social values and good governance.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Learn what we mean by risk.

Built with an ESG focus

Globally diversified

Managed by experts

Socially responsible investments

Our socially responsible portfolios allow you to align your investments with your values. With continuous oversight from our in-house investment team, our SRI portfolios place an emphasis on environmental, social and governance factors.

You can read more about how we developed our socially responsible scoring and portfolios.

Socially responsible, in a nutshell

Who's it for?

“I want my portfolio to be proactively managed by experts and invested in line with my values.”

What does the portfolio contain?

Our socially responsible portfolios lean towards companies and bond issuers that have high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. We invest in exchange traded funds (or ETFs) that avoid companies engaged in controversial activities, while focusing on those that lead their peers on ESG.

Is there ongoing management?

Yes. Like our fully managed style, our team of investment experts will monitor your portfolio for you. This means rebalancing when necessary, to ensure your portfolio is aligned at all times to your long-term objectives, and making strategic adjustments to the mix of investments.

Risk levels

Choose from 10 risk levels, low to high, to reflect your risk appetite.

Is my money locked in?

No. You can have access to your money in a few days, at any time, with a stocks and shares ISA or general investment account. Pension, Lifetime ISA and Junior ISA have withdrawal restrictions and conditions that may apply.

This is the future of investing

Responsibility matters

Radically transparent, focused on the long term, and focused on companies with good environmental, social and governance credentials, socially responsible investing (SRI) meets our criteria for what the future of investing should look like.

What's in the name?

We recognise the importance of ESG factors in delivering sustainable long-term returns and work alongside MSCI, a global leader in social responsibility research, to do so. We believe that to ignore the risks and opportunities arising from ESG would be a failure of our fiduciary responsibilities. And by engaging with these important issues, we build and manage portfolios that are better aligned with the broader objectives of society.

The E, the S, and the G

We score all Nutmeg portfolios – not just SRI portfolios – against a range of Environmental, Social and Governance factors so you can see the impact your investments are having.

What other investment styles are available?

We have several investment styles available to meet your needs.

Fully Managed

“I would like investment experts to be taking an active approach to managing my investments.”

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Smart Alpha

"I want a globally diversified, dynamic portfolio that allows me to seek additional returns through smart, transparent security selection."

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Fixed Allocation

“I am looking for a globally diversified portfolio, but without the cost of continuous management.”

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Understand what your money is doing

See how your portfolio scores against a broad set of ESG criteria.


  • Carbon emissions
  • Water stress
  • Climate change
  • Pollution and waste
  • Renewable energy


  • Privacy and data
  • Labour management
  • Health and safety
  • Supply chain labour management
  • Controversial sourcing


  • Business ethics
  • Board diversity
  • Executive pay
  • Tax transparency
  • Anti-competitive practices

Past performance and asset allocation

Below you can see a detailed breakdown of our performance, as well as an indication of how our investments are allocated across global financial markets.

Risk level

Track record

Explore our track record for each of our 10 risk-based socially responsible portfolios.

This past performance is based on client data. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

*The annualised figure is the return since inception expressed as a compound annual rate. For example, a portfolio with an annualised return of 6% corresponds to an actual return of 19.1% over three years (rather than 18% as you might expect) due to the effect of compounding. Please note, for the Nutmeg vs ARC comparison we are comparing Nutmeg SRI portfolio data vs ARC Non-SRI data.

Capital at risk.

Most people ask us…

The industry is awash with different labels for this kind of investing, which can be very confusing for investors. At Nutmeg, we’re using the term socially responsible investing (SRI). We believe this term fairly reflects our clients’ interests in limiting exposure to companies that engage in controversial activities while increasing exposure to companies that lead their peers in social responsibility.


Read more: How we developed our socially responsible scoring and portfolios

Our analysis has shown that there are no meaningful (statistically reliable) differences in the performance of strategies incorporating an SRI focus and those that don’t*.


Rather than assume that incorporating these factors into an investment process will lead to lower returns, there is increasing evidence that socially responsible investing could in fact lead to higher returns. The premise is simple: the companies that are best placed to operate successfully in the future are those with strong social responsibility profiles, that do business in a fair and progressive way, with a management team that addresses short-term risks while ensuring the company is positioned to adapt to long-term transformational changes – such as climate change.


*Accurate as of September 2021


Read more: How do socially responsible portfolios perform?

We use industry-leading ESG research and analytics from MSCI to calculate scores for every single one of our investment portfolios against a range of ESG factors. We’ve also used this same data, combined with Nutmeg’s investment expertise, to build ten portfolios with social responsibility at heart, while remaining true to Nutmeg’s investment philosophy.


Rather than use an over-simplified label and leave things to interpretation, we’re using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria – an accepted framework for analysis in this area.


Read more: The investment philosophy behind our socially responsible portfolios