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Fully managed

A globally diversified portfolio tailored to your investment goals.

Actively managed and rebalanced by our expert investment team to reflect the current economic environment.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Learn what we mean by risk.

10-year track record

Globally diversified

Managed by experts

Fully managed investments

Our investment team do the hard work for you and build a globally diversified portfolio tailored to your investment goals. To keep you on track, we’ll regularly rebalance your portfolio and make strategic adjustments to reflect the economic environment. 

Fully managed, in a nutshell

Who's it for?

“I want qualified experts to proactively manage my investments.”

What do we invest in?

A globally diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs). An ETF typically tracks a market index and makes it possible to access a pool of investments without buying each one individually.
You can find out more about ETFs in this guide.

Is there ongoing management?

Yes. Our team of investment experts will monitor your portfolio for you. This means making strategic adjustments to the mix of investments based on news, data and analysis, and rebalancing when necessary, to always ensure you remain aligned to your long-term objectives.

Risk levels

Choose from 10 risk levels, low to high, to reflect your risk appetite.

Is my money locked in?

No. You can have access to your money in a few days, at any time, with a stocks and shares ISA or general investment account. Pension, Lifetime ISA and Junior ISA have withdrawal restrictions and conditions that may apply.

What other investment styles are available?

All five Nutmeg investment styles are built by experts and use exchange traded funds (more on ETFs here) to diversify across stocks, bonds, industries, even countries.

Choose the one that works for you. 

Thematic investing

Invest in the long-term trends shaping our future.

Find out more

Socially responsible investing

Built to incorporate ESG considerations.

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Smart Alpha

Powered by J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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Fixed allocation

Assets without intervention at a low cost.

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Past performance and asset allocation

Below you can see a detailed breakdown of our performance, as well as an indication of how our investments are allocated across global financial markets.

Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.
Risk level

Track record

Explore our full 10-year track record for each of our 10 risk-based fully managed portfolios and see how our results compare against our competitors.

The past performance shown represents a composite of asset-weighted average returns for Nutmeg client portfolios, net of all fees. A composite return represents the average return of all client accounts for a given risk level on a given day, weighted by assets. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

*The annualised figure is the return since inception expressed as a compound annual rate. For example, a portfolio with an annualised return of 6% corresponds to an actual return of 19.1% over three years (rather than 18% as you might expect) due to the effect of compounding.

Capital at risk.

Most people ask us...

If you prefer lower costs for your investments, then fixed allocation might be for you. However, if you want an investment professional to watch over your investments with the ability to make changes on a daily basis, then you might consider fully managed.


In terms of how they’re designed, fully managed portfolios have a forward-looking perspective, with the investment team making decisions about market value, market momentum, prevailing cyclical and structural forces expected to impact in the near to medium term. The investment team learns from past behaviour, but is not tied to it.


The fixed allocation portfolios have a backward-looking perspective. They are constructed with the implicit assumption that past long-term market behaviour will be repeated in the future over the long term.


These differences in investment perspective and portfolio flexibility help to explain asset allocation differences between fixed and fully managed portfolios and the resulting short and medium-term portfolio returns.

Fully managed portfolios cost more than fixed allocation ones because they are an investment service, overseen and managed by Nutmeg’s experienced investment team. Fixed allocation portfolios are cheaper because they are an off-the-shelf investment product that does not require daily management by our investment team.

For the fully managed portfolios, our investment team monitor and attribute the performance of every decision taken. They engage in debate and reflection, testing team views against internal and external opinion. Risk monitoring and management form key elements of this service.