Transfer an ISA to Nutmeg 

It’s easy to transfer an ISA to Nutmeg. Our ISAs are straightforward to use and fully transparent. You can set your risk level and choose an investment style that is right for you in minutes.

With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Learn what we mean by risk.


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What is an ISA transfer?

Simply moving an ISA from another provider to Nutmeg. You can transfer cash, stocks and shares, and innovative finance ISAs to be managed as a stocks and shares ISA at Nutmeg. When an ISA is transferred, assets are sold, so it comes to us as cash which we invest for you. By doing this we preserve the tax-efficient status of your ISA and invest it according to your selected risk level and investment style.

We’ll let you know as soon as the transfer arrives and you’ll see the money when you sign into your Nutmeg account. An ISA transfer usually takes two to four weeks and there is no limit to the number of ISAs you can transfer.

Tax treatment depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Why could Nutmeg be the best place for your ISA?

Sector beating performance

Our award-winning wealth management service has regularly brought our clients sector beating returns (ARC).

Fully digital service

Accessible online and in-app 24/7, you’ll have complete oversight and breakdown of your investments, as well as all our regularly updated market intelligence. You’ll also be able to manage and add to your portfolios quickly and easily.

Innovative investment styles

As an investor, you choose from fixed allocation, fully managed, socially responsible, or the Smart Alpha portfolios powered by J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

How to transfer an ISA to Nutmeg

Everything you need to know about transferring an ISA to Nutmeg can be found on our support page


Not yet a Nutmeg client

You can transfer an ISA as part of the set up process for your new Nutmeg account. If you plan to transfer more than one ISA, start with one, then simply follow the ISA transfer process as an existing client once the first is submitted.


Already a Nutmeg client

You will see a link to Transfer an ISA on the left-hand side of your dashboard once you sign in. Go straight to transfer an existing ISA in your account.


Transferring part of an ISA to Nutmeg

You can transfer some or all of an ISA to Nutmeg. We don't currently process partial transfers electronically but they require just a simple paper form. If you already have a Nutmeg account, you can download the partial ISA transfer form. You can also find the form by signing in to your Nutmeg account.

Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

Most people ask us

Yes, you can transfer existing ISAs to a new provider. You can transfer all or part of your existing ISAs from previous tax years, or the full balance of an ISA you have contributed to in the current tax year.

You are only allowed to contribute to one of each type of ISA in a tax year; so if you have already contributed to a stocks and shares ISA with another provider this tax year, you will first need to transfer the full balance to Nutmeg and then you can continue to contribute to your Nutmeg ISA.

If you are transferring a stocks and shares ISA from a different provider, then that ISA may be uninvested for a short period of time while the transfer is taking place. This may mean losing out on potential returns during that time. You will incur the normal effect of market spread, whilst the transfer takes place. When transferring a cash ISA to Nutmeg, you will stop receiving interest on the money within that ISA during the transfer period. However, Nutmeg will then invest that money once the transfer is complete.

ISA transfers normally take two to four weeks.

This depends on the type of transfer and the provider. Nutmeg is a fully digital service, so if your previous provider is also digital, the transfer will typically be swift. Often, however, legacy systems run by other providers require a physical form to be filled in. Cash ISA providers will require a signature from you once you have told us the details of your transfer.  See if your provider supports electronic ISA transfers.

After completing the steps online, we'll work with your current provider to transfer your ISA to us, safely and securely.

Once the cash arrives we'll let you know, and you'll see the money when you sign in to your Nutmeg account.

You can transfer as many ISAs to Nutmeg as you like, at any time.