A new personal advice service from Nutmeg

Designed by the same expert advisers who deliver it. Our advice specialists know the process inside out and want to make sure you get the support you’re looking for.

About our personal financial advice

About our personal financial advice

What does financial advice from Nutmeg look like?

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    One-on-one review

    We provide the kind of insight that can only come from speaking to an adviser

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    Tailored financial advice

    Our experts will make recommendations and provide advice that’s tailored to you

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    Simple process

    Tell us about your finances confidentially and chat to us about how your money is being used today

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    Designed by experts

    Nutmeg's investment and pension advice specialists who know the process inside out

Lisa Caplan - Head of financial advice

Everyone has goals in life. From retiring early, to investing for your children, or simply making the most of your money. We think careful financial planning can help you get there.

Lisa Caplan Head of financial advice

What we’ll do for you

Once you have registered your interest, we’ll be in touch shortly to tell you about next steps. The process will initially involve an online questionnaire about your finances. Then, if we think you could benefit from financial advice, we’ll have an initial conversation with you to make sure we understand your situation and goals, and to discuss how we can help. If you agree to go ahead we’ll follow this up with a written report, outlining our advice which we’ll also talk you through over the phone.

The report will help you understand your financial circumstances. It will tell you what you can do to make the most of your situation and help you meet your goals. We’ll tell you how and where to invest your money for any Nutmeg products and we’ll help you to implement our recommendation.

How much does it cost?

Our initial chat is free of charge - we want more people to have the chance to see what financial advice could do for them

If you decide you want tailored recommendations and financial advice, we’ll charge you £350 including VAT.

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The scope of Nutmeg’s service and the products we offer are set out here

Nutmeg Financial Advice Disclosure Doc (PDF)