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Our team will build you a robust, diversified investment portfolio that spreads risk across various asset classes, geographies and industry sectors.

Our approach

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High quality, low cost investments

In a complex investment universe, we like to keep things simple and transparent. We generally prefer to use exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They are low cost, highly liquid, and track indices closely.

What we invest in

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Expertly managed

Sit back and relax while the investment experts on the Nutmeg team constantly monitor and rebalance your portfolio to keep it on track with your goals.

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Remember, with investment your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio could go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

Our approach

At Nutmeg, our process is founded on three principles: spreading risk and opportunity, managing a portfolio tailored to you, and regularly reviewing your investments.

Managing a portfolio based on your needs

We manage 10 portfolios, each with a different mix of investment assets. They range from 'cautious' to 'aggressive'. When you create a Nutmeg investment pot, we help you determine which of the 10 risk-based portfolios that we manage is best for you. This is based on the amount you want to invest in that pot, how long you want to invest for and the level of risk you'd like to take. You can change your settings whenever you need to and you can also add or withdraw money at any time.

Spreading the risk and the opportunity

At Nutmeg, we create and manage a 'diversified portfolio' for you. This means your money is invested in many different types of assets, countries and industry sectors. It dilutes the risk on your investments while at the same time improving your chances of having money invested in places with higher returns.

Regularly reviewing and managing your money

Our investment team monitors the markets around the world every day, tracking price trends, business reports and a vast range of economic indicators. They regularly review the investment assets in your portfolios and make any adjustments they think necessary – at no extra charge – to help make sure your money is still invested in the places we think best match your profile and investment goals.

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Comparison of risk and return when investing through stocks, an equity index fund, a mix of stocks and bonds, and a globally diversified portfolio like you get at Nutmeg

Return: Compound annual growth rate before fees or tax, with dividends and income re-invested. Volatility: A simple measure of risk based on the variation in monthly returns over the period. Higher volatility is an indicator of higher risk.

Remember, as with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Nutmeg could go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


"Nutmeg have taken away the burden of managing my money. With Nutmeg, I have an expert investment team." — Fergus, chartered accountant

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What we invest in

We believe long-term, intelligent asset allocation is a far better investment approach than trying to pick a single company that may outperform its competitors, or one of the few fund managers who will outperform their benchmark, in a given period of time.

The investments we consider

The universe of investment opportunities is complex, but at Nutmeg we keep things simple and transparent. We invest in a wide range of assets — everything from government and corporate bonds to equities, cash, and even commodities and real estate — treating them like building-blocks with which we put together a portfolio tuned to your risk level.

How we buy these assets for you

Once we've determined which assets should go into a portfolio, and in what proportions, we look to invest in them in the most efficient way possible. We generally prefer to use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) because they’re easy to trade, low cost and aim to track the movement of market indices with a high degree of accuracy.

ETFs hold investment assets - like stocks and bonds - and they are widely traded on many stock exchanges. They usually track an index, like the FTSE 100, or the Dow Jones.

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Cautious Aggressive
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Asset Allocation

The above are sample portfolios based on data as at October 2015.
Source: Nutmeg model portfolios, Bloomberg

Portfolio performance

The Nutmeg investment team has delivered strong investment performance.

This chart shows the percentage returns for each of our 10 risk-based portfolios. It also shows how we compare against an index of our competitors for each of those risk levels.

This past performance is simulated, based on real market transactions implemented across all individual customer portfolios to a single portfolio for each risk level.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Portfolio 6 Aims for moderate growth without extreme volatility
All time
30 Sep 12 – 30 Sep 16
annualised* annualised*
3 years
30 Sep 13 – 30 Sep 16
annualised* +9.0% annualised*
Show individual years

Daily returns (in grey) to show the relative volatility of the portfolios.

*The annualised figure is the return since inception expressed as a compound annual rate. For example, a portfolio with an annualised return of 6% corresponds to an actual return of 19.1% over three years (rather than 18% as you might expect) due to the effect of compounding.

Our investment team

The Nutmeg investment team is rich in experience and expertise. Chief Investment Officer, Shaun Port, has over 20 years’ experience in devising investment strategies for clients ranging from central banks to private high-net-worth individuals. He has managed assets of over £2 billion and designed and managed award-winning funds across multi-asset portfolios.

Shaun's team are advised by a committee that includes renowned British economist John Kay, former President of T. Rowe Price International R. Todd Ruppert, and Andrew Clare, who serves on the investment committee of the £3.2 billion GEC Marconi pension plan.

No nonsense investing

Shaun Port, Nutmeg Chief Investment Officer and Nick Hungerford, Nutmeg Co-Founder and Director

Shaun Port
Chief Investment Officer

Nick Hungerford
Co-Founder and Director