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With investment, your capital is at risk.

Smarter returns

Expert professional management

We won't go chasing hot stocks or market fads. Instead, we'll choose sensible strategies suited for the long-term.
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Globally diversified, regularly rebalanced

A globally diversified portfolio that’s regularly rebalanced can boost your returns while spreading your risk.
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Lower fees

Low fees make a big difference over time. With Nutmeg, you’d be saving 0.48% or more per year over the typical wealth manager.
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Nutmeg v Typical investor

Sources: 2016 Dalbar study of US equity investors and FT Money Guide, June 2016.

Get a fully-managed portfolio from the
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You simply tell us about yourself and select a risk level (don’t worry we will help you decide) — we’ll do the rest.

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Hassle-free ISAs and Pensions

ISAs are tax efficient accounts that could help your savings go much further. Learn more about Nutmeg ISAs Pensions are tax efficient accounts typically used to save for retirement. Learn more about Nutmeg Pensions

The more you invest, the lower your fee

The more you save into your Nutmeg account — whether it be into your ISAs, Nutmeg pension or regular investment portfolio — the lower your fee rate. We also make it easy for you to transfer in old pensions and ISAs so you can have all your investments in one place.

Total transparency

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Know where you stand. 24/7.

You can see an online, jargon-free overview of your investments whenever you like, so you’ll always know exactly how they’re performing and how much you’re paying.

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Brilliant customer service

If you ever have questions, our friendly team of customer support experts are here to help, every step of the way.

Get in touch via built-in secure Nutmail, live chat, or phone to talk to a real person.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

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Great experiences across devices so you can keep an eye on your account wherever you are.

Common questions

Am I locked in?

No. Investing is a long-term proposition, but with Nutmeg, you can withdraw whenever you like and there's no minimum investment period.

Is there a minimum investment?

The minimum investment is £500 for each pot you create, which allows us to create a diversified mixture of investments. For portfolios below £5,000, we also ask for minimum monthly contributions of £100, and the Nutmeg pension has a minimum investment of £5,000.

What is Nutmeg's track record?

We always publish our portfolio performance after fees and compared to our competitors so you can see exactly how we’ve been doing. Please remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. View Nutmeg's portfolio performance

Couldn't I do this myself?

You could replicate our portfolios on your own, but to rebalance and monitor your portfolio could result in high trading charges, not to mention time and hassle. Plus, because we can make trades in bulk across our clients, our costs are even lower.

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