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All about ISAs

Each tax year, UK taxpayers have the option to save or invest £15,240 in a tax-efficient way. Here at Nutmeg, we offer a Stocks and Shares ISA aligned to the level of investment risk you’re comfortable with.

Your ISA questions answered

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What is an ISA?

Find out about the different types of ISA and who is eligible. Learn more

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What is this year's ISA allowance?

All about the allowance, and how many ISAs you can have in one tax year. Learn more

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ISA calculator

Work out how much your Stocks and Shares ISA could be worth in years to come. Learn more

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Tax benefits of ISAs

Are ISAs worth it? Learn about the tax benefits. Learn more

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Transferring an ISA

You could save time and money by consolidating your old ISAs. Learn more

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ISAs at Nutmeg

Find out all about the Nutmeg ISA. Learn more

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More ISA questions

More of your ISA questions answered. Learn more