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Think bespoke financial advice is just for the rich?

Think again

In a nutshell


Most people don’t know who to turn to for financial advice and assume you have to be rich to make it worthwhile.


That’s not the case. The right advice, reflecting your situation, can make a huge difference to your financial future.


To provide this, our experts take a forensic look at your finances, highlighting opportunities and risks.


That way you can make financial decisions based on evidence, not guesswork or your mate down the pub.

Please note, the information presented in this page is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute tax advice or recommendations.

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With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatments apply.

Meet Philip


It’s his birthday - 53 today. After a lifetime of work he wants to retire at 55 and enjoy the finer things in life. He’s worked out he’ll need around £31,500 each year, so he contacted us to discuss his options. Philip has some savings, along with money in three old pension pots. He also has a final salary pension which will kick in at 65, and he’ll receive the full state pension at 67.


We find that together these should provide an annual income of £25,600 - not bad but not quite enough. So we talk through his alternatives, from continuing to work and contribute to his pension, to spending less in retirement, to putting some of his cash savings into a pension pot so that he could benefit from tax relief and even investment growth.


Philip doesn't have to decide right away, so we agree to keep in touch and review his plans as his 55th birthday approaches. The point is Philip now understands his situation and knows precisely what his options are so his decision will be based on facts not guesswork.

Find out what Nutmeg’s bespoke financial advice could do for you.
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With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatments apply.

In more detail

It’s a common misconception that only those with huge sums to invest are worthy of first class financial advice. 

Investors without large portfolios, or complicated financial affairs, can often feel it’s not worth seeking professional financial advice. They often ask friends, colleagues and particularly family members who, despite their best intentions, may not give the best possible advice.

People may feel that advice will not make much difference to their financial situation, or even that it will point out some home truths they would rather not face.

At Nutmeg we believe that pretty much everyone’s future wealth can be improved with the right help – help that our experts can of course provide. After all, everyone has goals in life and financial advice and guidance can help you get there.

One real barrier for people who do wish to seek help with their finances has been cost. At Nutmeg, following a free initial consultation to check that you’ll benefit from our advice, you can access comprehensive personal financial advice for £575 inc. VAT. A qualified financial adviser will conduct an in-depth review of your current financial situation and can offer restricted investment, pension and tax planning advice.

With our advice service there are no hidden extras, ever. To find out more go to our advice page.

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