Nutmeg's journey to

one billion

There are significant milestones in every person's life. Going to university. Buying a home. Getting married. Going travelling. Starting a family. We love to celebrate these achievements and share them with all of our friends and family who have been part of our success. The same is true in the life of a business.

Nutmeg launched in 2012 with a simple mission: to revolutionise the world of wealth management through combining investment expertise, innovative technology and smarter value.


— 2012 —

2012 was the year of the European debt crisis, European economies continued to struggle and investors began to question the stability of the eurozone. The President of the European Central Bank stepped in and promised to “do whatever it takes.” Greece agreed a second bailout package, while Spain and its banks continued to struggle with debt and requested further funds.

  • ISA and GIA

    Nutmeg launches with a stocks and shares ISA and general investment account.

    London hosts the 2012 Olympic Games.

  • Nutmeg customers created 729 new pots this year. Our favourite: ‘Around the world in 80 days'.

    European growth collapses as the eurozone slips back into recession.

  • Nutmeg wins Finovate Europe’s Best of Show against 35 financial services and technology companies.


— 2013 —

2013 was a year that saw signs of sustained economic recovery, and the emergence of new, digital investment services for the vast majority of UK investors. It was also the year of the ‘taper tantrum’: when bond investors panicked over the Fed’s plan to taper quantitative easing in the US.

  • Nelson Mandela passes away at the age of 95.

    Prince William and his wife Catherine welcome their first son — the third in line to the British throne — HRH Prince George.

  • Nutmeg customers created 8,008 new pots this year. Our favourite: 'Business dream’.

    The US government shuts down for two weeks, costing $2 billion in lost productivity alone.


— 2014 —

For the most part, 2014 was a tricky year for investors. The economic recovery was certainly slower than expected, with the US economy in particular feeling the effects of record snowstorms in the first months of the year. Japan launched its quantitative easing programme and the European Central Bank surprised markets with an interest rate cut and schemes to boost lending.

  • Nutmeg customers created 20,141 new pots this year. Our favourite: ‘Iron bank of Bravos’.

    Scotland votes to remain part of the UK after holding a referendum on independence.

  • Nutmeg wins award for 'Best ETF advisor' at the European awards

    Oil prices crash from $100 a barrel to $60 a barrel.

  • Nutmeg wins ‘Website of the year’ and ‘Finance site of the year’ in the Good Web Guide Awards.


— 2015 —

The big winners in 2015 were European and Japanese stocks, and the US dollar, while emerging markets and commodities were the big losers. Investors had a rollercoaster ride in China, with a stock market rally that began in mid-2014 coming to an abrupt end in mid-2015.

  • NASA scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars.

    David Cameron and the Conservative party win the UK general election.

  • Pension

    Nutmeg launches its personal pension.

    Nutmeg gives its customers more options to pay into their accounts with direct debits.

  • Nutmeg customers created 22,838 new pots this year. Our favourite: ‘The Great Cashew’.

    Nutmeg wins award for Best ETF advisor and Best Robo advisor.


— 2016 —

Investors couldn’t ignore political risk in 2016. For UK investors, the major event was the EU referendum in June, and the subsequent weakening of the pound. On the other side of the Atlantic, the US election provided another surprise result versus the poll predictions.

  • Nutmeg offers customers more efficiency with electronic ISA transfers.

    The UK votes to leave the European Union and Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

  • Nutmeg wins award for ‘Robo advisor of the year’.

  • Nutmeg customers created 42,012 new pots this year. Our favourite: ‘Gringotts’.

    Nutmeg gives customers quicker investing and withdrawal options and twice weekly trading.

  • iOS app

    Nutmeg launches an iOS app

  • Nutmeg wins YourMoney 'Best online stocks and shares ISA provider' for the third year running.

    Nutmeg customers created 82,751 new pots this year. Our favourite: ‘Cabin by the ocean'.

    The UK triggers Article 50.

  • Fixed allocation

    Nutmeg launches fixed allocation portfolios with fully-automated rebalancing and dividend reinvestment, for a Nutmeg management fee.

  • Lifetime ISA

    Nutmeg launches a stocks and shares Lifetime ISA to help eligible customers save for their first home or retirement.

    Nutmeg launches 2-step verification

    Bank of England raises interest rate for first time in more than ten years.