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Evolving consumer

Invest in the evolving demands and needs of our global population.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

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What is the Evolving consumer theme?

As a society, we are always on the move. Over the last couple of decades, consumption behaviours have shifted rapidly, spurred on by the evolution of technology, changing demographics, the continued growth of the middle class in emerging markets, the move to digitalise more services and media, and continued advancements in healthcare. In the years to come, these trends are likely to continue driving more change and evolution in the way we consume.

Why consider investing in this theme?

  • Focus on the solutions for some of society’s biggest challenges, including demographic change, healthcare, and the expansion of digital spaces.

  • Tap into the deep structural trends that are changing the building blocks of society now, and are likely to continue to do so in the years to come.

  • Invest in the long-term opportunities associated with evolving consumerism and population change, while remaining globally diversified and risk-adjusted.

What does this portfolio invest in?

A portion of this portfolio invests in a collection of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that tilt towards the theme of Evolving consumer. The portfolio invests across several sectors that our expert investment team believe are likely to benefit from the development of this theme over the long-term. These include:

  • Healthcare innovation: All aspects of healthcare, from medicine to medical equipment, have continued to advance over recent decades. Healthcare innovation focuses on this continuous improvement in medicine and healthcare more broadly.

  • Demographic change: As our quality of life has improved, life expectancy has increased, which means that many societies now have ageing populations. This creates specific opportunities for investors, from specialist medical care to savings and investment providers and luxury travel.

  • Digitalisation: Over the past decade our world has evolved, gradually becoming less analogue and more digital. Here, we focus on the shifting demand and supply of digitally focused services and goods, such as streaming, e-commerce, and digital disruptors.

  • Emerging global wealth: In emerging markets, such as Latin America and Asia (in particular, the Indian subcontinent), middle classes are becoming wealthier. This creates opportunities for investors, who can tap into their spending habits, focusing on their preference for developed market brands, online shopping, and smartphone adoption.

The ETFs we have selected are closely to aligned to these areas and meet the standard requirements we set out as part of our broader investment process.

How is this portfolio managed?

Our investment team actively manages the majority of your globally diversified portfolio, making frequent adjustments based on news, data and analysis. The Thematic portion of your portfolio is solely focused on your chosen theme and requires less frequent intervention, although it will be regularly rebalanced and reviewed at least annually.

Portfolio allocation

Below you can see a detailed breakdown of how our investments are allocated across global financial markets.

Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.Scroll down the page to see the results. It will update automatically when you change the risk level.
Risk level

The allocation of assets within a chosen portfolio will vary depending on your chosen risk level and investment style. Your portfolio will typically hold a large majority in equities and invest the balance in bonds to help dampen the ups and downs of the portfolio.

Capital at risk.

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What other themes are available?

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Most people ask us

The Thematic portion won't focus on one area in particular, as the ETFs we have chosen for this portfolio tap into the global trend of Evolving consumer. Middle class consumers in emerging markets are one area of focus – but this is balanced against exposure to developed market consumers as well.

As the two areas share some common elements ­– an ageing population needs a robust and increasingly digitalised healthcare system, for example, along with continued medical innovation – there will be some overlap between the two.

However, the emphases of the two areas are different. Healthcare innovation focuses solely on new and changing medical products and services, whereas Demographic change focuses more on the overall needs of an ageing population (which can include sectors like financial services and travel). 

The themes do not incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. They invest in different trends and sectors, have exposure to a variety of areas, including renewable and non-renewable technologies, resources, and industries.

For those looking to incorporate ESG considerations into their investment portfolio, we’d recommend looking into our Socially responsible portfolios.