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Introduction to Nutmeg

A word from our founder

I left my job as a stockbroker to start Nutmeg because I was frustrated by the exclusivity and lack of transparency in the investment world — and I knew I was not the only one.

Three years on, we have built the UK’s first online discretionary investment management company. We are regulated by the FCA, endorsed by the UK Government and — most importantly — supported by our many enthusiastic and loyal users.

We’ve got rid of all the aspects that made the wealth management industry unpopular. We don’t charge a premium for the illusion of a personal relationship. We don’t use confusing benchmarks that bear no resemblance to reality. We don’t use technical jargon. We don’t lump all your money together. We don’t charge high fees to pay for our huge sales force. We don’t hit you with sneaky charges. We don’t keep you in the dark over where you’re invested – or how your funds are performing.

Instead, we give you complete transparency – and, we hope, complete peace of mind. We can help you set up your portfolio in under 10 minutes. You can create as many funds as you like. And you can top up, transfer or withdraw whenever you like. We regularly rebalance your portfolio, selecting from a diverse, global range of assets, to ensure you have the best chance of staying on track. And you can get in touch with us by telephone, email or live webchat, whichever you prefer.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved already as a company: building a team of talented, dedicated individuals; creating an intuitive service that is a shining example of how investing should be; and attracting media interest from around the world. We’re proud that we’re reforming an industry that has grown so bloated on its own profit margins that it hasn’t always put the customer first. We’re proud that on average, each of our customers refers more than two friends or family members to Nutmeg. But most of all, we’re proud to have helped so many people get one step closer to their financial goals.

If you are an existing customer, thank you for your continued support. If you are a new customer we look forward to having you on board.

Nick Hungerford
Co-Founder of Nutmeg