Understanding pensions in an era of disruption

Do you know whether you’re on track for a comfortable retirement? And is your expectation of what your retirement will look like a reality?

With investment your capital is at risk. Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

The UK's pension landscape

By exploring the UK pension landscape - peoples’ motivations, attitudes and behaviours towards retirement planning – our latest report Understanding pensions in an era of disruption: Attitudes towards retirement saving and the UK pensions shortfall reveals that on average, people approaching pension age face a £271,000 pension shortfall. This equates to a total deficit of almost £187 billion for those aged 65 or older.

As rising inflation and the increasing cost-of-living continues to put pressure on investors and retirees, we set out tips to support long-term savings.

Our key findings show that:

pie chart 29%

29% of UK adults (over 15 million people) have no private pension savings

bar chart 34%

A third of pensioners say that their pension alone is not enough for them to live on

pie chart 28%

Over a quarter of those with private pensions have three or more pots to manage

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Pensions and retirement: In conversation with Alice Tapper of GoFundYourself

Annabelle Williams, personal finance specialist at Nutmeg, and Kat Mann, savings and investment specialist at Nutmeg, are joined by Alice Tapper, financial campaigner and educator and founder of financial education platform, GoFundYourself, for a conversation about attitudes and behaviours toward pensions, talking to friends and family about retirement aspirations and how to help people achieve the retirement they want.

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