Wills, life insurance and mortgages

Investing with Nutmeg can help you reach your financial goals, but it is a good idea to consider other services as part of your financial planning. 

For example, you could help to protect your loved ones with life insurance or lower your monthly mortgage payments by securing the best rate. Below are some products we feel could benefit your financial wellbeing, a little bit about how they can help and links to some providers.

Leave a legacy


Writing a will lets you choose who benefits from your estate when you die. It’s important if you have children under 18, you’re divorced or separated, or if your partner is not recognised by either a marriage or civil partnership. A will is also a chance to leave personal gifts to loved ones or to a charity.

Farewill is an online will writing service. Nutmeg clients who use the code nutmeg20 at checkout are entitled to £20 off when they complete their will (RRP £90).

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Protecting what matters


Life insurance offers financial protection to those closest to you if the worst happens. You pay a monthly premium in return for a lump sum in the event of your death. Life insurance is ideal for anyone who has dependents, such as a partner or children, or big financial commitments, such as a mortgage.

Anorak is an online life insurance adviser. Take a free online assessment to get regulated advice on how much cover you need, and for how long, then view your best-matched quotes.

Find out what you need with Anorak

Get the best possible mortgage


If you're buying a home, you'll probably need a mortgage. But it can be hard to know which one to go for, or even where to start. If you already have a mortgage, it might be worth checking you're on the right deal.

Either way, Habito can help. Habito is a free online mortgage broker, which means they'll give you mortgage advice and find you the right mortgage out of 20,000 options.

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